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If you are looking for a strikingly beautiful metal rain gauge for your farm or your townhouse to monitor how much you got in your yard this year, then check out the options available at Rusty Rooster Metals. We have got some unique choices to catch your attention like OU rain gauge, personalized twin tractor rain gauge design, state cowboys rain gauge, etc.

These signs tell folks that you are not just proud of your work but thoroughly enjoy doing it as well! For your knowledge, all our signs are powder coated and made from 16-gauge steel. This makes them durable, sturdy, and attractive. You can rest assured, that they won’t fade under the strong shiny sun nor they will get rusted when it starts to pour.

We can customize the design as per your liking to craft a piece that is uniquely yours. Contact us today to personalize yours, we are sure our custom metal rain gauge will be a perfect addition to your yard or balcony. We will ship it to you in recycled packaging as soon as possible. Our professional and licensed crafter uses a CNC machine with a plasma cutter to get a perfect finish and smooth edges of the personalized rain gauge. Call today!