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You spent too much time on your garden, so why not fill it with more than just plants and vegetables? You really need to start making it more high class with a purple armadillo crossing sign or one of our other customizable metal garden and yard stakes for sale. With our numerous options, you’ll find a garden stake that complements your style.

Proudly made in the United States, our personalized metal garden signs are practically indestructible. For questions about our metal garden stakes for sale, email Sales@RustyRoosterMetal.com today. We’ll gladly help you find perfect custom metal garden signs that fits your personality.

Custom Metal Yard Signs with Stakes

If you are a proud plant parent then we are sure you spend a lot of time in your garden with the beauties you adore, then why not make the space even more personalized and attractive? Thinking how? Browse through our wide range of custom metal yard signs that will be a perfect addition to your green garden and will exactly portray and compliment your unique style. We have a wide range of garden stake options for you to choose from, right from Bumble Bee to Unicorn Crossing to Lizard Crossing and Spring car; we have every type of custom metal yard signs with stakes to uplift your space with creative decoration.

At Rusty Rooster Metal, custom orders are more than welcome, so if you have a unique design in your head and want someone to conceptualize it, we can be your ideal choice. Contact us today to know more.

Metal Garden Signs: Creates a Welcoming Atmosphere in Your Garden

Our outdoor metal garden signs possess the following features:

  1. All our metal sign boards are made using a CNC machine with a Plasma cutter which gives them incredible detail and a smooth finish.
  1. We powder coat our sign boards to make them indestructible pieces of art. Post the powder application; our sign boards can withstand the harsh adversities of nature and other forces.
  1. We can help you with any type of customization to make the sign board uniquely yours. To would love to create something that is made just for you! Contact Rusty Rooster Metal to bring your vision to life and craft a piece that reflects your inner feelings and thoughts.

Shop Our Personalized Metal Garden Signs Today

Choose from our wide range of metal garden signs that can be customized according to your needs and requirements. So, whether you want a charming Bumble Bee design or a magical Unicorn, we can conceptualize anything for you. Our personalized metal garden signs will add a unique charm and quaintness to your lawn. Our personalized garden stake design also makes a perfect gift for a friend or a relative who is an avid nature lover like you!

Shop today to your heart’s content. We will do the hard work for you!