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You’re running out of space for your medals and hats. Now, that’s a problem! You can’t just put them in your attic to gather dust. You need a custom metal holder for medals to show how great you are. You’ll also need a second personalized hat rack for your hats because right now they’re randomly thrown all over your floor, causing your parents to freak out every time they visit.

Our metal hat racks for walls are all made in the United States. Their high-quality construction is built to last. If you have any questions about our custom hat racks, email Sales@RustyRoosterMetal.com. We want to help you stay more organized and unique with our personalized medal holders and hat racks.

Custom Metal Racks & Holders for Wall

In every house, there is a place that reeks of hopelessness and you don’t seem to understand what should be done with that forlorn area. Well, we have an idea! And that will not just add beauty and uniqueness to your walls but will also serve a purpose. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about custom metal racks and holders for spaces like these. They are useful in de-cluttering your home for surprise events like your parent’s visit. Who wants to disappoint them? No one, right!

Now that you have found the perfect spot to hang your rack and holder, start designing one for yourself, or you can take a look at the spectacular options available at Rusty Rooster Metals! We have a wide array of designs, from swimming lover’s designs to gymnastics medal designs to even softball medals, we have them all. Choose as per your calling and add a new life to your wall.

We eagerly welcome custom shelving ideas to create a design that resonates with you by striking the right chord. You can use the holders to show off your medals which are evidence of your outstanding personality, they don’t deserve a place in the background but should be displayed under the spotlight. Check out our wide range of options and pick your favorite. If you are concerned about proper installation then worry no more as they can be easily assembled without causing any fuss.

We Provide High-quality Metal Hat Racks

We are happy to tell you that once you purchase our metal hat racks, they are going to stay with you for a long time as our technicians design each product using heavy-duty materials like 16-gauge steel. They then powder coat the product to further increase its longevity and shine. We take immense pride in our quality work and unique craftsmanship. We work hard day and night to bring to your table an intelligently curated list of items that adds value to your space rather than just appeal. You can also use our high-quality metal hat rack as a storage shelf unit to hang different types of proud possessions and accessories like your hard-earned and valuable medals, your hat collection, and other similar things.

Choose from our wide range of bright or metallic colors that are bright and beautiful and will surely add a touch of color, sparkle, and inspiration to your otherwise dull wall. Contact us today to uplift the aesthetics of your home.

Stay Organized with Our Personalized Metal Racks

Are you also guilty of throwing away your hats or hanging your precious medals anywhere on the property for them to gather dust and dirt? If yes, then you have arrived at a perfect place. We at Rusty Rooster Metals offer you a chance to get organized with the help of our personalized metal racks. They are attractive shelving units that can be used to perfectly de-clutter your home to make it look even more beautiful.

Our statement metal racks pieces come at an affordable rate that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. So, get yours today by contacting Rusty Rooster Metal. We promise to personally craft one as per your special needs and requirements.