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Don’t put boring art on your wall (or in your yard) when you can have beautifully handmade metal wall art customized to your specifications. Our custom metal wall art is meaningful, exceptional, and photogenic. Your style is too unique to blend in, so let us help you stand out with our completely handmade metal wall art.

Our metal wall art decor is made in the United States and built to survive both inside and outside—and our work doesn’t rust over time, as everything we make is built to last. For questions regarding any one of our custom metal art, please email Sales@RustyRoosterMetal.com today.

Personalized Metal Wall Art & Prints

Rusty Rooster Metal has custom-made pieces to suit any room if you're looking for unique metal wall art, metal wall art, or prints to complete the important finishing touches on your home. From metal prints to large-scale designs, we have lots of unique metal art and print options to match your preferred finishes, designs, and colors. You can share your favorite designs and special messages to create highly durable home decor metal wall art that will bring you joy and bring your home to life, whether you're looking for art to tie the room together and match your carpets or want room decor to brighten up the entire area.

Consider customizing metal wall art with our simple design techniques for wall art that is more long-lasting than canvases, more reasonably priced than sculptures, and more approachable than mirrors. We offer a plethora of decorative metal wall art and print options in meaningful, exceptional, photogenic, and other lavish finishes that add some extra brightness and shine to any room in your house, from remarkable wall art to a wide variety of print designs to choose from. Explore our website for new arrivals and best-sellers to find the ideal designs for any room.

Shop Our Custom Made Metal Wall Signs Today

If you're looking for custom-made metal wall signs that will make your guests stop and think, Rusty Rooster Metal has the designs and structure options you're looking for. We have numerous unique designs and home decor options that you can personalize to make your home feel like a museum. Include your favorite art images or your designs to bring out your creative side. Play around with photos, displaying them from multiple angles to give your design a three-dimensional sense of movement. You're sure to find a contemporary and personalized metal sign that your walls have been wanting with so many designs to choose from.