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You’re running out of space for all your medals. Now, that’s a problem! You can’t just put them in your attic to gather dust. You need a custom medal hanger to show how great you are. You’ll also need a personalized rack for your hats because right now they’re randomly thrown all over your floor, causing your parents to freak out every time they visit.

Our custom medal display rack holders are all made in the United States. They’re high-quality construction is built to last. If you have any questions, please email sales@rustyroostermetal.com. We want to help you stay more organized and unique with our personalized medal holders.

Personalized Medal Display Hangers: Hang Your Medals with Pride

We all are aware of the fact that ‘Medals are the new trophies’ and something that carries importance and value of this weight deserves a special display area in the spotlight. Now get the champion of your home a personalized medal and trophy holder. Metal hangers are a space-efficient way of showing off your champion’s athletic accomplishments.

We at Rusty Rooster Metals can customize your medal hangers for creating a beautiful and unique medal display area. Personalize them according to your liking by choosing from a wide range of customization options available on your website. From female runner medal racks to soccer lover’s flaming medal displays to dinosaurs’ medal holders, we have a plethora of options to cater to your needs. You can choose your desired color from our color palette of bright and bold options.

Experience uniqueness with a perfect blend of utility by making these products from Rusty Rooster Metals yours. Call us to know more as we can be your one-stop destination for all metal display and decor items.

Why Buy Medal Holders from Rusty Rooster Metal

Choose from a fleet of options at Rusty Rooster Metal in terms of designs, colors, and dimensions of medal holders. We have something for everyone to offer from our store. We are sure our extraordinary pieces of medal holders will style up your room in a jiffy. Now you don’t have to tell anyone of your achievements, this medal display wall will speak well for itself!

Depending on your requirement and taste, you can purchase Rusty Rooster Metal. Our range of designs, colors, and materials will complement the wall and enliven your space prominently. All the medal display holders at Rusty Rooster Metals are made using high-quality materials like 16-gauge steel and also powder coated to add shine and longevity to the art. We take immense pride in providing our customers with high-quality workmanship and skilled craftsmen that are adequately equipped in creating a perfect piece to match their style along with adding beauty to the walls.

Don’t delay in showcasing your talent to the world, call us today to put your medals out for display!

Shop Our Custom Metal Medal Holders Today!

Organizing the mess of things scattered around can be a tedious and daunting task. You just can’t keep stuffing your wardrobes, attic spaces, and more with unorganized clutter. Metal medal racks are convenient options to beautifully decorate your wall of honor. Our beautiful range of minimalistic designs is made of premium materials and quality and will surely complement your room perfectly. Our personalized medal display hangers are carefully curated to suit all sorts of tastes and preferences of our clients.

Contact Rusty Rooster Metals for a galore of designs that can be personalized according to your whims and fancy. Turn your plain walls into a unique art space and use them to display your personality.