Why Should You Buy Our Ship Wheel and Anchor Monogram?

Why Should You Buy Our Ship Wheel and Anchor Monogram?

At Rusty Rooster Metal, you will find an array of personalized monogram metal signs, and we like all of these designs. But, if you were to ask us our favorite, then that would be ship wheel and anchor monogram.

It’s our favorite due to its amazing design. It looks perfect wherever you place it. It can be a great addition to your family room. For some customers, it is a sign that looks great on a front door. You can even place it in a nursery or a barn.

The center of the design is a beautiful monogram. And, you can ask us to insert the letter of your choice. There are also around 20 different colors to choose from. Some of the more elegant colors from the list include Matte Black, Sand Stone, Rust Patina, Green Hammertone, and Polished steel.

With this design, you don’t have to worry about rusting and fading. The powder coating while designing this sign makes it highly durable. The CNC cutting results in attention to the detail. The use of 14 gauge steel ensures that the material is thicker and better than most signs you will see in stores. To order this sign, you need to pay only $69.95 .And with a super fast turn around time ,  You will receive it within a week of making the payment.

You can choose from other custom monogram signs for sale, too, some of which are available for as little as $40 . To check these designs, visit this link. Connect with us via phone if you have any specific requirements: 1 (918) 290-9113

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